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More than 30% of all people in the Netherlands suffer from one or more chronic medical conditions for which they are treated by their general practitioner. A large part of scientific research on chronic diseases is performed in study populations that meet a strict list of in- and exclusion criteria, e.g. ‘non-smokers, younger than 40 years old without any other medical condition may participate in this study’. This results in a high level of uniform study populations. Healthcare guidelines are consequently based on study outcomes from those highly controlled study populations. However, this is not an accurate representation of the real world, namely its wide variety of patients that visit the general practice.

GPRI aims to bridge the differences between studied patient populations and the real world. Together with healthcare professionals in primary care, for example, general practitioners and pharmacists, and participants, GPRI is committed to performing scientific research in primary care in an accessible and enjoyable way.

We address medical problems from primary care with the goal to improve the current guidelines in this part of healthcare. By doing this, guidelines from primary care can be based on research performed in primary care.

Who are we?

  • A research institute with an international network of motivated healthcare professionals from general practices and pharmacies in the Netherlands, Australia, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States with access to large numbers of patients in primary care.
  • We make research participation as accessible and enjoyable as possible. We make sure to provide information that is clear for both participating healthcare professionals and patients. Healthcare professionals can choose to what extent they want to be actively involved in the execution of research and they will receive appropriate financial compensation for their efforts. More information about participation as a patient or healthcare professional can be found here.
  • Based on the highly developed Dutch healthcare system with well-trained healthcare professionals and an extensive electronic patient information system, we facilitate the execution of high-level research.
  • A team of enthusiastic and highly capable colleagues with proven experience in the execution of scientific research in healthcare. Meet our team here.

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