As a client

If you have study questions that you would like to have answered with a real-world evidence study, GPRI can help you. We are specialized in setting up and operating studies, from protocol development to publication, and everything in between.


Conducting research is often a time-consuming process that takes many years. Because of the high pace of innovations and changes in the market, this long duration is undesirable. At GPRI we are committed to conducting research at high speed and to set out timelines that fulfill your needs.

Real-world evidence

Our researchers have knowledge of every step of the study process and are experienced in their submission to ethical committees in different countries. Together with our contributing study sites, we are committed to delivering high-quality, real-world results.

Get in touch

At GPRI we are always interested in study ideas that could contribute to the improvement of primary care.

Do you have a research proposal that you would like to discuss, or any another question? Please do not hesitate to contact our business developers via or call +31 (0)50 211 3898.

As a healthcare professional

GPRI was founded to enable scientific research in primary care possible, without compromising regular healthcare. Scientific research is often thought to be a time-consuming process that takes many years. As general practitioners and founders of GPRI, we know the daily routines of healthcare providers. Our team of (senior) researchers, research nurses, and practice nurses, have years of experience in primary care. 

Your time is compensated

Tailored facilitation of research participation, and a market based price for participation in studies, is standardized at GPRI. If you are a healthcare professional who would like to participate in research, we work at a market based hourly rate. As an indication; a healthcare professional receives an hourly rate of €100, – and a practice nurse receives €60, -.

Tailored research

When we begin our studies we inform you of our timelines, at which point your input is requested. If there are any unforeseen circumstances for which you require extra support from GPRI, that is not a problem! We will work out a solution together.

How can we make it as easy as possible?

In all phases of the study we aim to make it as easy for you as possible by taking tasks out of your hands. For example we may send you pre-filled out forms and an easily manageable digital solution. We ensure that all study-specific information to healthcare professionals and patients is short and clear. Where required GPRI also facilitates training for employees that are involved in the study. For example E-learning, where the healthcare professionals can learn at their own convenience. 


Are you an enthusiastic healthcare professional who wants to improve primary care guidelines together with us? On the page Projects you will find which ongoing and future study possibilities we have for you to contribute to. Are you interested? Contact us and we can discuss the possibilities!

As a participant

By participating in research you can contribute to the improvement of healthcare for both yourself and for other patients. In the set-up of studies, we aim to make participation as enjoyable and easy as possible. 


Did you already receive a study invitation? That is possible! We collaborate with various healthcare professionals that use their own information systems to filter possible study participants. We do not save your contact information. Only if you inform us that you would like to participate will we use your contact information to arrange an appointment.

For some of our studies you can also sign up without receiving an invitation. Please check our Facebook page for these studies.

Your participation is voluntary

Participation in scientific research is always voluntary.

Before you decide to participate in research, you will receive an extensive information letter in which we explain to you what is expected from you.


Are you interested in participating in one of our studies? Reply to our invitation letter or get in touch via or call +31 (0)50 211 3898.