The CARINA study wants to investigate how patients with COPD experience their symptoms and the healthcare that they receive. We want to understand which parts of COPD care people are satisfied with, and in which parts they might struggle or experience barriers. Lastly, we are interested in understanding how people think about new developments and future COPD care. The results could help to make both current and future COPD care more accessible for people with COPD.

What happens in the study?

If you participate in this study, the researcher will contact you to make an appointment for an interview.

The interview will take place via an online video call or a telephone call. It will not be necessary to come to the research site.

During the interview, the researcher will ask you open questions about the following topics:

  • The COPD care you currently receive and have received in the past
  • Your COPD care during periods where your symptoms are worse (flare-ups)
  • How you find information about COPD
  • Your view on new treatments for COPD

The interview will be recorded, but the recording will be deleted after we have made a report of the interview in which all information leading to your identity has been removed.

The interview will take about one hour, and you will receive a compensation for your time.

Can anyone participate?

Before the start of the study, we have to ask you to give permission by signing a consent form. We ask for permission to collect screening questions to see whether you meet the inclusion criteria for the study, and to be interviewed if this is the case.
Optionally, you can give permission to be contacted for other studies in the future. This is not needed to take part in the CARINA study. In the consent form you also find more information about the study, the screening, what we do with your information and how we protect your privacy.

As mentioned above, there are a few inclusion criteria that are required to participate in the study. To see whether you can participate in these studies, there is a short screening questionnaire that we would like you to fill in. We will ask you some questions on general information (like age and sex), as well as some specific questions about your COPD (about your diagnosis, symptoms and medication use). Filling in the screening questionnaire will take approximately 10-30 minutes. Afterwards, we are also required to contact your physician to confirm some inclusion criteria. If you are the right fit for CARINA, you will be contacted to schedule the interview.

When does the study end?

The study ends aMer the interview has taken place. You can also stop your participation in the study yourself at any moment. You do not have to explain why you want to stop, but it will help the researchers if you do give an explanation.

Signing up for the study

If you want to participate in the study, click the button below. This will take you to the Castor website. Castor is a secure online environment where you can sign the consent form and fill in the screening questionnaire. By making an account in Castor your information is fully protected and only accessible for you and the researchers.

When you have questions about the study, the screening questionnaire, or about how to enrol, you can reach the researchers via the local number below, depending on your location (there are no extra costs for calling this phone number).

  • USA: 001 (231) 289-6787
  • Canada: 001 (437) 292-3388
  • UK: 0044 20 4592 9846
  • Australia: 0061 2 5111 1765

Thank you very much for your interest!

The landing page to sign up for the CARINA study will open soon!