For generating new insights in healthcare, policy, and other topics, Lifelines and GPRI have joined forces. Lifelines has a biobank with a wealth of data from 167,000 individuals. There is a diverse availability of data, including various questionnaires, measurements, and biosamples. GPRI is an independent research institute with experienced scientists from different research fields. Additionally, GPRI has a network of international experts and Dutch general practices.

What’s in it for you?¬†

How you can benefit from the collaboration between Lifelines and GPRI is explained in the image below.

Do you have a broad idea or a specific question? GPRI is eager to brainstorm how we can use the Lifelines cohort to provide an answer to your inquiry. We can then guide you through the entire process according to your preferences. From transforming the idea into a specific research question, managing organizational processes such as assessing feasibility, requesting and obtaining the necessary data from the Lifelines database, analyzing the data, providing the results in the desired format, to provide a dissemination strategy.

Wie zijn wij?

GPRI is an independent research institute dedicated to improving the lives of patients. We generate and facilitate research into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in primary care. We conduct scientific research in primary care, making participation accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We address medical problems from primary care with the goal to improve the current guidelines in this part of healthcare. By doing this, guidelines from primary care can be based on research performed in primary care.

When you collaborate with us, you can expect a pleasant experience as speed, transparency, and quality are our core values. To learn more about our approach, please visit our website:

Lifelines is the largest data and biobank in the Netherlands. Over 167,000 Dutch citizens of all ages have voluntarily provided insight into their health for nearly two decades. This wealth of health data enables research into the origins of diseases and their effective prevention.

There is a diverse availability of data, including various questionnaires, measurements, and biosamples. Participants have been followed for a considerable time, and currently, the 4th round of research is underway with 110,000 active participants.

Infrastructure is available for re-inviting participants and collecting new data. For more information, visit:


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